Cloud Platform for Pathology Lab

Some Key Features..
1. Multiple Login for Doctors, Collection Center, Techician
2. One Click Access to all your Reports
3. Email Reports to your Patients at Finguretips
4. Customize Reports Insert Graphs, Images, Logos with Ease
5. Auto SMS Send to Patients once Report is Ready


Welcome to PathoTrack

PathoTrack is a Cloud based Pathology lab & Diagnostic Lab Application. It is one Stop Platform for all lab need. It is sutaible for any Pathology Lab and Diagnostic Center.

PathoTrack is a premium product developed by ImagineScript. ImagineScript is a leading software development company based in Amravati, Maharashtra. We developed PathoTrack Cloud based ERP by working closely with Doctors, Pathology and Diagnostic Lab Managers.

PathoTrack is one of the Finest Colud Based Pathology Lab ERP available in market. One of the most Remarkable this about this Application is its User-Friendly approach and Uniqueness. It's New way of Operating Pathology and Diagnostic Lab

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Product Features

Multiple Login

In Pathotrack there is a multiple login features for multiple users on same platform. Master-Admin can create accounts for Doctor, Collection Center, Techinician.

Accounts & Ledger

Get all accounts data in just couple of clicks. We maintain each collection center data seperately in ledger.

Report Management

Track Each report and its status seperately. In PathoTrack you can update any report any time. Also it maintains 8 status for each report like Submitted, Registered, Tested, Partial Tested, Authorised, Partial Authorised, Printed, Rejected.

SMS Facility

After Succesfully Completed Report there is an SMS facility for paitent. Master Admin can send "Your Report is ready" SMS to their Paitent. Also with each workorder generation a seperate SMS directory will generate, Lab owners can send sms on festival and notification to their patitents later.

Email Report

In case of Urgency and Remote location of paitent we can email paitent report from software.

Price Customization for CC

For Each collection Software can manage to cost differently. There is by default pricing for each test but if we need to update for specific CC or Update total test price then it can possible any time.


In Communication Module any user can generate query and master admin or doctors can reply to those query. There is one way communication for users. Users can raise the query and admin can reply or resolve those query.

Responsive Design

Application User Interface is responsive so any one can access Application form any device.

Cloud Backup Servers

Every User data gets backup peridocally, so even in disaster case user data is still safe and we ensure to backup maximum data as possible.

Secure and Fast

Application is made with optimised cade so overall user exprience is ligtingly fast. Also we cover all Cyber Security Aspectes in our project.

Customize Requirement

We have build an standard product but still any user wants some modification in their software copy then it is also possible. Just user need to some extra bucks according to thier requirement.

Software Training

With Every software copy we sell we delivered a quality software training session for our clients in which we cover each and every aspect of Application.

Domain Customization

Default domain of our application is and every user gets their apllication hosted on on their subdomain like But We have also a facility of domain customization in which user can take a application on

Support & Maintenance

If user gets any query or issues while using our software our support system always theire to help them. User can raise any query at any time and contact from morning 10am to 8pm at 9890546711.

Some Screenshot of our Product


Pathotrack is a Cloud Based Pathology Lab & Diagnostic Reporting Software. It is Tried and Tested Best Pathology Cloud Based Application. It can make your Laboratory report generation and accounts management job much simpler and quicker. It is suitable for any kind of pathology laboratory or Diagnostic Centre. It is designed to automate the whole operations of a pathology lab or Diagnostic centre like billing, daily sample collection monitoring, pathological tests carried out, Test Report generation, patient information management and diagnostic reports entry, fees collection, calculation of commission (if any), Commission Payment Management, bill printing, report printing, report delivery, user access monitoring, Total Earning report, cash collection report and many other MIS Reports. It has a robust database system to handle large amount of data with a high level of data security.

What Pathotrack Clients Are Saying

"If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation - pathotrack's got you covered. I love your this Product. Definitely worth the investment."

Rajesh Lokhande
Owner of Pinak Pathology, Amravaati.

"The very best. Pathotrack has completely surpassed our expectations. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product."

Sushant Nakshine
Owner of Pathotrina, Chandrapur.